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What our kids & parents have to say...

I chose Prince of Peace Lutheran School because there aren’t any bullies here. The teachers are nice and what they teach is really different than at my old school. The kids here are highly smart. They turn in all their work on time. This school is so organized. It’s really fun here because of the things they teach, the kids being friendly and so many other reasons! --- Joseph S.

Prince of Peace is a great school. It is set with a great Christian base. All the POP kids are great influences. We are all leaders, not followers. What I like about POP is that we can all carry Bibles and say prayers in school. Most kids do not get that chance. We also have the best teachers, Pre-school through Eighth. It’s also a small school which means more attention to us for better grades. --- Allison S.

Since I came here in kindergarten, I have loved this school so, so much! I like that every morning we have religion and sing songs. Every Wednesday, we have chapel and I always look forward to that. We pray a lot and that’s pretty awesome! Coming to this school has helped strengthen my connection with God. All of the students and teachers here are kind, fun and supportive. Being able to learn from such amazing teachers is a privilege. Hanging out with my friends is terrific! This school is like a second home to me. ---Angelina E.

I was little when I started coming to Prince of Peace. My Grandma wanted the best for me and she thought that it would be good for me compared to public school. There aren’t any bullies here at POP and the education is higher here. People don’t make fun of each other here.  I’d never want to go anywhere else than POP. I know many people here. It would never be the same somewhere else. I am happy that my Grandma wants the best for me so that’s why I am here at POP. --- Caleb S.

When my mom brought me in 2013, I was so mad I could cry. Now it’s my last year at POP and I’m so sad I could cry. Over the course of almost three years, I’ve made amazing friends and learned more about Christ. Every day I come to school, I look forward to seeing all of my friends. I love the small class sizes making it seem like we’re all one big family. The math curriculum is simple and easy to understand. In conclusion, I love my school! --- Autumn H.

Wonderful school that has accommodated my son’s special needs.  They have been amazing at meeting him where he is at and giving him just what he needs. --- Jasmine M.

Great teachers, small and safe environment. One-on-one attention. My daughter loves it. --- Natalie F.

We do all kinds of fun activities and it is a really great school! --- Matthew E.

Prince of Peace may be a small school but it is full of kindness and has fun activities like the Harry Potter project. --- Nathan E.

I have been very happy with the school. I am very pleased with the curriculum and with the close relationships that the teachers build with their students. The positive influence among the staff, volunteers, and close ties to the church provides for an ideal environment that every parent could hope for. Highly recommended! --- Rico E.

It is a Christian school that works to excel in teaching children all the important things required by the state, but it also teaches the love of Jesus. --- Judy T.