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Make a $ difference...

You can help POP School financially by offering a donation. As you know, we are a little school, and we count every penny.  If you can shift a few extra pennies our way we would be grateful as would our students.  We need every extra cent we can get to help our program flourish. Some ways you can help financially is through AmazonSmile, a means to route a few extra cents from your Amazon purchases to us.  You can also go to our Facebook site and add dollars to our Go Fund Me page.  You could designate your United Way funds through your employer to POP, and of course, you could write us an old-fashioned paper check if that suits you.  Your continued support as well as that of other community members is vital for the long-term sustainably of our school.  We hope you add us to your charitable giving list.

Donations to the school can be made through our Go Fund Me page HERE.

Making a DIFFERENCE online...

We would love for you to “like” our Facebook page you so keep your eye on us and all we are doing.  You could also  rank our school on Google, by offering positive testimonies so that your experiences help promote POP for prospective students.  You can help us also by referring your friends and family and your own children to us if you are still in the neighborhood.