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Prince of Peace Day Care & PreSchool offers a nurturing atmosphere that grows faith and builds character.  We support families and help parents prepare children for lives built on a strong biblical foundation. Our programs offer academic challenges, as well as safe, free play.  We have easy access to the outdoors that we use most days, great for exploring young minds.  We also offer a variety of extra-curricular activities such as music, art, early-Spanish, and physical education all in a secure East Mountain environment.  We help our students develop all of their talents mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual, so they know who they are and develop active, caring personalities.  We welcome students of all faiths!
Why choose Prince of Peace?
The low student-to-teacher ratio that Prince of Peace Day Care & PreSchool, safe environment, and convenient access make this local business a shining gem for parents and children.  We start academics such as letter and number comprehension, pre-reading, and many learning activities as soon as age-appropriate in order to provide lasting academic benefits. These benefits include the ability to engage students and try out different activities and lessons that might not be feasible in larger class sizes.  Due to having fewer students to monitor, faculty tend to spend less time on classroom management issues leaving more time for creativity and customized attention.
Students feel more accountable or more comfortable participating - and this greater degree of accountability helps lead to better aptitude in elementary school and beyond.

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