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  • School Christmas Program

    Our school Christmas program is on December 19 at 6:00 pm.  Students in the Pre-School through 8th grade will be participating in the program.  Come and celebrate the Christmas season here at the church with your children.

  • Christmas Basket Silent Auction

    This year POP Lutheran School is organizing a silent auction of Christmas baskets.  We are asking school families and church members to contribute by building a basket to be sold to the highest bidder.  Each basket should be filled with practical, edible, or whimsical goodies for sale.  All baskets should be on display by December 1st, the auction will conclude on December 15th.  The total value of the items in each basket should range in price from $30-$50 (or more); each basket should be wrapped in plastic and decorated for the season.  Please bring baskets to the church by Dec 1st. 

  • Each year we host the East Mountain Community Chorus and their presentation of Handel’s "Messiah".  Usually presented the first two weekends of December, the concert is a choral depiction of the story of the Messiah - the Saviour and Redeemer of mankind. An oratorio written by George Fredrick Handel in 1741, the "Messiah" is a traditional composition that uses sung scripture to tell the story of Jesus.  This traditional piece delights as much today as it did over 250 years ago.  

    Hallelujah to the King of Kings!

    2019 presentation information

    Rehearsals are every Sunday from 3pm to 5pm starting November 3rd and running through December 1st.  The Dress Rehearsal is from 3pm to 6pm on Saturday, December 7th.  Presentations are Sunday, December 8th, Saturday, December 14th, and Sunday December 15th at 3pm.  All rehearsals and presentations will be held in the sanctuary at Prince of Peace.  Solo auditions will be held after rehearsals begin.
  • The Iowa Assessments are standardized tests administered to students in kindergarten through eighth grade in schools across the United States.  

    Prince of Peace, like many private schools, employs this series of tests in primary and secondary grades to gain information about students for instructional planning, to supplement teacher observations regarding student abilities, and to establish a basis for annual evaluation of student progress. 

    Assessments cover Vocabulary, Word Analysis, Reading Comprehension, Listening, Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Sources of Information, all age-appropriate.

    For many years, Prince of Peace students consistently scored in the upper ranges of the IOWA Assessments.  When compared to the rest of the schools participating, our students do very well nationally. 

  • POP Lutheran Church & School sits at an altitude of 6,581 feet. Though only 23 min or 19 miles from Albuquerque, the average temperature is 10 degrees cooler.  The school resides in the community of Cedar Crest, population 958!  When school is in secession, the population of the community is elevated by approximately 1/2 percent!

    Wildlife is frequently seen on the POP Lutheran School Grounds.  In the past we have seen grey squirrels, owls, scrub jays, mounting blue birds, deer & even a bear cub.  Most of our wildlife though, comes in the two-legged variety & wears a backpack.

Messiah Practice