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Early Childhood development

All our programs are designed to have age-appropriate learning activities, we strive to provide learning in all areas.  We promote good social skills, academic learning, and appropriate classroom behavior.  First, we work on learning colors, letters and sounds, numbers, counting, and common names and definitions like the months and days of the week.   We have different themes or (subjects) each week like plants, animals, space, dinosaurs, etc.  As students progress we teach writing, pre-reading, and pre-math skills.


Scholastic Education

POP Day Care and PreSchool pursues academic excellence in the preparation of children for elementary education.  The pre-school offers educational and developmental experiences that are age-appropriate with the intent of building readiness to enter Kindergarten and the elementary education system.  The pre-school provides seasonal thematic learning opportunities that teach the basics, including language and pre-reading skills, basic arithmetic, classroom skills, activities of daily living, and acceptable social behavior. 


Religious Education

POP Day Care & PreSchool is a ministry of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.  The school exists to share the Word of God and the saving grace of Jesus Christ to young children and families.  We believe that the Holy Spirit works through the Word of God, building faith in all age groups, even the very young.  Children are taught the Biblical narrative, God’s story of creation, and His loving care of humankind through the generations.  We will teach about God’s gracious and forgiving nature through the work of His Son Jesus Christ.  We believe that true joy only comes from the gift of faith offered to all who believe and accept the grace of our loving God as revealed to us through His Word alone and shared with us through the Bible.