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Messiah Practice
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church (Spring Blossoms)
POP School (Summertime Bliss)
Prince of Peace Church (Stillness of WInter)
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Prince of Peace Church (Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!)
POP School (Our mission and passion!)

Church Views

Learn who we are, what we believe and the source of our joy.

School Views

Learn our school's priorities and focus, how we stand out from the rest and lift up our students

Our Calling...

We seek to bring all people into a relationship with God, through Jesus; and to strengthen that relationship by giving clear expression to the truth of God, the beauty of God and the holiness of God.

Upcoming Events

December 5


10:00 AM
December 5

School Play Rehersal

1:30 PM
December 5

Board of Elders Meeting

7:00 PM
December 6

Worship Today Music Practice

5:30 PM
December 7

Messiah - Dress Rehearsal

East Mountain Community Chorus' 33rd Presentat...

3:00 PM
December 8

Worship (Traditional)

9:00 AM
December 8

Adult Bible Study

10:45 AM
December 8

Worship Today (Contemporary)

12:00 PM
December 8

Messiah - Performance

East Mountain Community Chorus' 33rd Presentat...

3:00 PM
December 9

School Board

5:30 PM
December 10

Tuesday Bible Study

9:00 AM

Prince of Peace Announcements

School Christmas Program

Our school Christmas program is on December 19 at 6:00 pm.  Students in the Pre-School through ... read more

Christmas Basket Silent Auction

This year POP Lutheran School is organizing a silent auction of Christmas baskets.  We are asking school families and church members to contribute by building a basket to be sold to the... read more

Messiah Concert

Each year we host the East Mountain Community Chorus and their presentation of Handel’s "... read more

IOWA Assessments & Results

The Iowa Assessments are standardized tests administered to students in kindergarten through eighth ... read more

Our East Mountain Home

POP Lutheran Church & School sits at an altitude of 6,581 feet. Though only 23 min or 19 mi... read more

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